How to make a collage panda #5


This is the 5th way to make a panda out of things you might have in your house!  You could use magazines, tissue paper, news papers, junk mail, anything you have lying around.

This collage was created by Kizzpop who I discovered on the website “” and I’d like to thank Kizzpop.  I would have made it myself, but I haven’t had time yet, and I didn’t want to keep you all waiting.

This series of blog posts has been inspired by What’s Good for the Goose is not Good for the Panda by Lavender Laine which I loved, and I discovered on Violet’s Vegan Comics.

I would also like to thank Lavender Laine and Violet’s Vegan Comics.

I hope you liked it.  And I hope you try it at home!