30 ways to make a panda out of stuff you already have in your house part 4

This is my online activity series which was inspired by Violet’s Vegan Comics’ online presentation of Lavender Laine’s story, What’s good for the goose is not good for the Panda.

Tada!  Here is my latest panda:


So what I did was I went through some old magazines I had in my house, and I cut out black pieces for ears and eyes and arms and legs, and white pieces for the body.  And I used a piece of photocopy paper to glue my pieces to.


I found some neat things to make my panda out of, like you can see she’s got a dish of rice for her face, and her body is made from a blouse in a clothing ad.


And then what I did was I made her eyes and nose by cutting out from a photo of a spaniel!  How cute is that?  She did look a little ticked off, so I drew a happy smile on her with pen.

And I have her trying to decide: Do pandas eat almonds?  Do pandas eat lemons?



I was originally inspired by Lavender Laine’s story because the illustrations are so beautiful, and she uses all kinds of things like knitting and towels and things to make her collages.  I found myself totally inspired by her work.  I challenged myself to make a collection of illustrations of pandas out of things you find in your home!

I have found that there are lots of things you could make pandas out of, like duvets and pillows and curtains and dresses and sweatshirts and socks.  Please remember to check with all members of the household before taking scissors to upholstery.  Also consider using a camera and making a larger scale image of a panda without needing scissors at all.  Use white clothing and black clothing to make large pandas on the carpet!

For inspiration see the book: What’s Good for the Goose is not good for the Panda at Violet’s Vegan Comics.


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