Fear of failing often stops us from trying at all.

I noticed this recently, when I was afraid to dance spontaneously – I thought that I would dance “wrong” or “badly” and everyone would laugh at me.  I thought it was fear of embarrassment, but obviously the failure would cause the embarrassment.  So that must be it.

I also found that I was afraid of participation in group brainstorming at class.  We were discussing something and we had to come up with ideas.  I was afraid to say anything, because I thought I would fail to come up with anything good, and my ideas would be struck down or laughed at.  I was motivated to join in when I realised that if I didn’t make any suggestions, I would have failed to participate at all.

So I have to make a change.  I have to push myself, or I will just fade away.  And it’s fun to make a fool of yourself, we all can feel confident because we all join in.  If some people sit on the sidelines, they don’t get laughed at, but they also don’t get to be laughed with either.

So it is my resolution to do the things that scare me, and fight my fear of failure.  Go forth and try things, even if I might not be any good.

Wish me luck!


ps need more help?


How Not To Be Afraid Of Anything Ever Again

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