30 ways to make a panda – vegan fun activities

I am still working on my third panda idea – this project has been more challenging than I first anticipated.  In the mean time, I have found a great picture of a panda for you all to enjoy while you wait for my next panda picture!


And if you just can’t wait, you can read Patty Panda’s story, What’s good for the goose is not good for the panda.  Because that’s what got me started 🙂



30 ways to make a panda out of stuff you already have in your house – part 2

This is the second segment of my online activity series which was inspired by Violet’s Veg*n eComics’ online presentation of Lavender Laine’s story, What’s good for the goose is not good for the panda

Here you can see my process:  I have started with a knitted jumper, and added pieces of plastic bin sack, for the ears, arms, legs and eye, and for the nose I have used a grey button!  I cut these pieces out free-hand, but if you wanted you could make templates, it took me a couple of goes to get each piece the way I liked.


After this I needed to give my panda  a back ground, because she was floating.  So I used a green blanket to achieve this:


I hope you have enjoyed my second segment, and I hope you will join in at home with my challenge.

30 ways to make a panda out of stuff you already have in your house – part 1

This is my online activity series which was inspired by Violet’s Veg*n eComics’ online presentation of Lavender Laine’s story, What’s good for the goose is not good for the panda

If you follow those links they will lead you to see for yourself the inspiration for this project.  I have challenged myself to create this series because this story is illustrated with so many different innovative collages, it really opens your eyes to all the ways you can make pictures.

My challenge is to try to make some myself!  I am not artistic, so I will try my best, but do have a look at Laine’s book on Violet’s website, because it is very inspiring and motivating.

I hope you enjoy this series, and Lavender’s book, and I hope you will want to try collage too, because art is fun.

My first panda is made out of newspaper cuttings.  I looked through an old newspaper and cut out the parts which were coloured black, in photos, and I also cut out sky and leaves and trees, from photos.  I didn’t need to find white for this picture, because I worked on a white piece of paper, which is a good idea.


If I wanted, I could keep looking and find lots more green and blue to fill all the white spaces around the panda, but I am pleased with this, so I didn’t.

For the second segment of this activity, and how to make a panda out of some more things around your house, please click here! 



Fear of failing often stops us from trying at all.

I noticed this recently, when I was afraid to dance spontaneously – I thought that I would dance “wrong” or “badly” and everyone would laugh at me.  I thought it was fear of embarrassment, but obviously the failure would cause the embarrassment.  So that must be it.

I also found that I was afraid of participation in group brainstorming at class.  We were discussing something and we had to come up with ideas.  I was afraid to say anything, because I thought I would fail to come up with anything good, and my ideas would be struck down or laughed at.  I was motivated to join in when I realised that if I didn’t make any suggestions, I would have failed to participate at all.

So I have to make a change.  I have to push myself, or I will just fade away.  And it’s fun to make a fool of yourself, we all can feel confident because we all join in.  If some people sit on the sidelines, they don’t get laughed at, but they also don’t get to be laughed with either.

So it is my resolution to do the things that scare me, and fight my fear of failure.  Go forth and try things, even if I might not be any good.

Wish me luck!


ps need more help?


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